Key Stage 3: Food Technology

15th Century Cooking

Here is a brief introduction to 15th century eating and another to aspects of food preparation in medieval England.

You will see that some foods that we take for granted today were not known in 15th century England such as tomato, potato, rice, sweetcorn, turkey.

Recreation of a 15th century field kitchen with re-enactors in medieval dress.

Your task

Find a recipe for pottage and make some. Describe the taste. Would you like to eat this every day? See if you can improve on your first attempt using only food available in the 15th century and adding one or more herbs or spices from the list in the project on herbals or this list.

Look up recipes for making medieval bread and try one. How does your medieval bread look and taste differently from bread you can buy in a local shop?

Read this account of a medieval wedding feast. Describe a feast that could have been created for Richard and Anne’s wedding in about 1472. This website has a lot of detail about medieval meals for nobles and how they were served.