Key Stage 3 Creative Projects

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To commemorate and celebrate the rediscovery of King Richard III in 2012.

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The Richard III Society: Discovering Richard 2022

In 2012 the lost grave of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England (d. 1485), was found under a municipal car park in Leicester.

This successful outcome was the result of a collaboration between an archaeological unit based at Leicester University (ULAS), Philippa Langley’s Looking For Richard Project for The Richard III Society and Leicester City Council (the landowner).

Ten years on a film, The Lost King, stars Sally Hawkins as Philippa Langley and Steve Coogan as her husband with Harry Lloyd as King Richard III. Philippa commissioned the search for the king.

A woman in a trench by the remains of King Richard III
Philippa Langley in the trench which uncovered the grave of Richard III. © The Richard III Society

To accompany this film, and other media events which will commemorate Richard III, we are inviting Key Stage 3 pupils to discover aspects of life in fifteenth-century England through creative projects within the KS3 curriculum.

An outline of each project by subject area, in sub-pages linked below, is accompanied by suggested resources which we encourage teachers and pupils to treat as a starting point from which to develop their own ideas and so engage with the life and times of medieval England.

The Richard III Society will invite schools to submit their best projects electronically by the end of the summer term 2023. Certificates will be sent to every school which participates, and the best projects overall will be awarded commemorative prizes linked to Richard III.

We invite you to browse the following pages which outline our suggestions for projects.

How was Richard’ skeleton identified? A murder mystery.

Art: draw, paint or sculpt an image of Richard.

Design Technology: make a model of medieval castle.

Drama: write and perform your own Mystery Play.

English: learn to write and speak Middle English.

Food Technology: make pottage, medieval bread or design a feast fit for a king.

Geography: find out how long journeys took in medieval England.

History: explore medieval buildings in your local area.

Mathematics: make a medieval calendar.

Music: compose a song about Richard’s life or create a guide to medieval musical instruments.

Religious Studies: design a medieval tomb for Richard and describe a medieval king’s funeral.

Science: Botany: create your own herbal.

Science: Physics: Medieval Astronomy and Astrology. Make your own star map or carry out an investigation to find out if astrology works.

Textiles: design and make a ceremonial cloak.

Combine any of the above into a celebration to welcome King Richard and Queen Anne to your school.

Background: a brief summary of Richard’s life and controversies concerning Richard.

Our Education Officer is available to discuss any ideas that you wish to develop and to help locate more resources. Contact Dr. Iain Farrell at