For History Teachers on the Wars of the Roses

A Level

Apart from the set texts which are written for each A level specification and the material in this website, we recommend the following to support teaching on the Wars of the Roses:

The Wars of the Roses for A Level by Ian Dawson by Dan Moorhouse

For a general discussion of Medieval History resources for teachers, the Historical Association offer this very extensive booklet edited by Ian Dawson.

An excellent summary of the key personnel in the 15th century is published online by the Historical Association, written by Louisa Dunn

A very extensive guide to sources is also published online by the Historical Association, written by Jonathan Cripps, Kirstie Murray and Helen Snelson

Members of the Historical Association (Secondary) will find the following podcasts here free to use in schools.

Wars of the Roses (13 mins) by Professor Michael Hicks;

Henry VI (50 mins) by Professor Anne Curry;

Richard III (10 mins) by Professor Michael Hicks;

Henry VII (19 mins; 22 mins and 4 mins) by Dr Sean Cunningham.

The BBC History Extra magazine has an edition on the Wars of the Roses.

Our Adult Education page on this website contains a very extensive reading list much of which will be accessible to A level students of History.

Key Stage 3/4

The King Richard III Experience in Leicester offer a range of learning visits as does the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.

The King Richard III and Henry VII Experience in York is closed until further notice.

Collins publish a KS3 book on Medieval Britain (410-1509) as part of their Knowing History series.

Galore Park are publishing (May 2022) a revised edition of their 13+ Common Entrance History support books.

Ideas from The National Archives about medieval castles with lesson plans:



More Kenilworth

Folk Music

To provide some light relief from the hardships of 15th century history you may like to have your students listen to songs recently recorded on themes about Richard III.

A woman teaching girls to read
a medieval woman teaching girls to read. BL MS Harley 3828 f. 27