Other websites on Medieval History

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British History Online – 15th Century

A vast resource with a search engine

Richard III Timeline

A timeline of the whole of Richard III’s lifetime.

A Medieval Calendar

Ricardian events by the Worcester Branch of the Richard III Society.

The Historical Association

A huge compendium of teaching resources at all levels, much requiring a subscription.

English Heritage: Introduction to Medieval England

Covers warfare religion and architecture.

Medieval Texts

An archive of high quality images of medieval books as well as a market place for these.

How to Read Medieval Texts

Online exercise in the virtual classroom of Cambridge University.


A digital library that includes links to many medieval texts.

Tudor Nation

Boo! But contains a summary of the whole of 15th century Royal history on one page.

Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture

A fascinating, eclectic collection of diverse objects of medieval life.

England’s Immigrants: 1330-1550

A database of 64,000 names of people who migrated to England between 1330 and 1550 (includes professions, places of origin etc). With resources for teachers.

Medieval Calendars

Old and new calendar dates, ecclesiastical calendar and regnal years.

Murrey and Blue

A blog written by a team of amateur historians on various historical themes, mostly medieval and many to mark anniversaries.

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

An annual two-day event, one of the largest in England.

Barnet Medieval Festival

London’s only medieval festival over a weekend.

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

Open all year and hosts the annual commemoration and re-enactment of the battle over a weekend.

British Library Writing English

View a timeline of the development of English writing and printing over a thousand years.

Royal Armouries Leeds

The largest collection of Medieval and Early Modern armour and weapons in England.

History of Parliament: Medieval Period

And the History of Parliament Blog for the Commons in the Wars of the Roses

Agincourt 600th Anniversary

Medieval Military History

Medieval Soldier

A database of soldiers serving the English crown between 1369 and 1453.

Medieval Warfare and Warriors

History Extra: Medieval podcasts (BBC History Channel)

History of York

Medieval York

Centre for Christianity and Culture, University of York

Centre for Medieval Studies at York University

Medieval Studies at Oxford University

Medieval Studies at Cambridge University

Medieval Studies at St Andrews University

Late Medieval Languages at Nottingham University

Medieval History BA and Medieval Studies at Winchester University.

Medieval Studies at Royal Holloway

The White Oak Society recreate aspects of life in 15th century England.

The History of England contains a vast number of podcasts and articles.

Tudor Monastery Farm is a BBC TV series showing a recreation of medieval rural life.

Fake History and Medieval Myths debunks some popular misconceptions.

A Merrie Noyse a group of three musicians who between them perform a wide range of instruments.

fan vaulted ceiling and choir stalls of King's College Chapel Cambridge
King's College Chapel, Cambridge (© Sailko, GNU Free Documentation License)
a medieval illuminated page depicting a battle
The Battle of Barnet Ghent University Library, BHSL.HS.0236
detail from a medieval roll showing the family tree of Edward III's sons
Medieval roll depicting the struggle for the throne by Edward III's descendants: BL MS Harley 7353 (detail)
highly illuminated detail of a manuscript page showing King Richard III on his throne
Richard III Coronation. Detail from Hargrave-274-f-328-Richard-III
The calendar page for August in Lady Margaret Beaufort's prayer book
The calendar page for August in Lady Margaret Beaufort's prayer book. Harley 7353