William Shakespeare created a work of art with his play Richard III and made the central character into a physical and psychological monster. He was writing at a time (late 16th century) when the Tudor dynasty had been on the throne for over a century and who would censor plays of which they did not approve. A play which vilified the last Plantagenet King was bound to find favour.

Productions of the play are true to the text , even when this runs counter to historical accuracy, and lead actors find different ways to represent Richard’s physical condition on the stage. Amongst actors the main role is notorious for the physical and emotional strain that it induces. Shakespeare does not give his lead actor any break from start to finish and the adoption of a physical deformity on stage has resulted in the need for physiotherapy long after the run.

Anthony Sher wrote a book on his process of interpreting the role of Richard.

We now know from examination of his skeleton and from contemporary sources that the physical appearance of the real-life Richard was grossly misrepresented by Shakespeare.

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Benedict Cumberbatch emphasizes the alleged spinal deformity.

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Articles on Shakespeare’s Henry VI Parts 2 and 3 will appear here in due course.

Selected Reading

Shakespeare’s Kings, John Julius Norwich (Faber & Faber, 2018)

Year of the King, Antony Sher (Nick Hern Books, 2004).


Laurence Olivier in character as Richard III wearing a crown seated on a throne
Laurence Olivier as Richard III