Who's Who?

The Wars of the Roses lasted for more than half a century. Most of those involved in the conflict’s beginning were long dead by the time it ended. The only major players to live through the entire period were women and churchmen. All of the principal noble families of the age, and many gentry families too, became embroiled in the politics of the wars. Quite often local disputes became the trigger for major incidents within the Wars.

We will be steadily updating this page with short biographies of the most significant figures in the Wars of the Roses along with links to find out more and suggestions of sources to help you decide for yourself about them. In the meantime, we are very grateful to the Canadian Branch of the Richard III Society for permission to use the biographies of some of the key players that have been written for their website.

Henry VII

Defeated Richard III at Bosworth. Claimed the throne by ‘right of conquest.’