George Neville

Duke of Bedford. Born 1465  died 1483. Son of John Neville, the earl of Northumberland (later Lord Montagu), he was the nephew of the earl of Warwick. From an early age he was treated as the great magnate he was expected to be as he stood to inherit a great deal of property from his parents, his uncle and grand-uncle. He was made the Duke of Bedford in 1470 when he was betrothed to Edward IV’s daughter, Elizabeth of York. However, after his father and Warwick rebelled against the king, all their property went to Richard of Gloucester.  On his father’s death, George became  a ward of his mother and in 1478 he had all of his titles removed by Parliament because, it is said, he now lacked the means to support such a title. He became a ward of Richard in 1480. He died in May 1483 of natural causes.

What Might Have Been – George Neville, Duke of Bedford 1465-83 – his Identity and Significance  –

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