Wars of the Roses Podcasts

Choose from our selection of podcasts including some great features by Matt Lewis on the Wars of the Roses and Richard III and Derek Birks’s Wars of the Roses podcasts via Apple. Also, there are links to a series of eight podcasts from BBC History Extra on the Princes in the Tower.

Matt Lewis on Youtube:

Wars of the Roses introduction (20 mins)

William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk (15 mins)

Richard III: Introduction ( 20 mins)

Richard III: Life of Richard III, 1452-61 (19 mins)

Richard III: Loyalty Binds Me. 1462-1471 (18 mins)

Execution of George, Duke of Clarence, 1478 (6 mins)

Richard III: A Perfect Coup, Execution of Hastings, 1483 (18 mins)

Richard III. Illegitimacy of the Princes in the Tower (15 mins)

Richard III: Princes in the Tower (14 mins)

Richard III: Coronation of Richard III, 1483 (11 mins)

Elizabeth of York ( 4mins)

Top 10 Problems with Thomas More’s Richard III (14 mins)

Audio podcasts by Derek Birks via Apple.

Battle of Towton ( 14 mins)

Warwick and Clarence (14 mins)

Battle of Barnet (12 mins)

Battle of Tewkesbury (12 mins)

The Woodvilles (15 mins)

Edward, Prince of Wales (12 mins)

William Lord Hastings execution (16 mins)

Illegitimacy of Edward V and Duke of York (14 mins)

The Princes in the Tower (15 mins)

Bosworth Part I

Bosworth Part II

The Princes in the Tower. A Medieval Murder Mystery

from BBC History Extra

Episode 1: The Case (15 mins)

Episode 2: The Timeline (25 mins)

Episode 3: The Prime Suspect (26 mins)

Episode 4: Examining Evidence (18 mins)

Episode 5: Circumstantial Evidence and Strange Behaviour (26 mins)

Episode 6: Other Suspects (26 mins)

Episode 7: Survival Theories (36 mins)

Episode 8: A Conclusion – of sorts (27 mins)

From History Hit

The Causes of the Wars of the Roses

What was Life Really Like for a Medieval Peasant?

A fictional episode from Shakespeare showing the rival dukes of York and Somerset each picking a red or white rose
Rival dukes of York and Somerset plucking the red and white rose colours of their Houses: imagined by Shakespeare, painted by Henry Payne. Palace of Westminster, public domain.
a medieval illuminated page depicting a battle
Ghent University Library manuscript 236, folio 2, The Battle of Barnet Ghent University Library, BHSL.HS.0236
Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard II in full armour mounted on a horsea
Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in BBC2 The Hollow Crown